Help with sapienza admissions portal, won't let me submit.

2021.12.06 11:34 PlausibleBloater Help with sapienza admissions portal, won't let me submit.

My application is 98% complete, but the portal won't let me submit without entering a test in the entry test field, it says this field is mandatory to fill. I, like other students who are applying for 2022/23, haven't taken the test yet.
Will I only be able to submit the application after I take the entry test?
This question is for pre selection application for Applied CS and AI program. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.12.06 11:34 Chad_Thundercucc If you want to be tanky, want to have an engage, not lose >50% of 1v1s vs assassins

Then why do you ASSHOLES insist on playing ad carries? Play a fucking malphite man and shut the fuck up, nobody wants more buffs for that already extremely cringe class.
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2021.12.06 11:34 magical_pm This game has an unfair ranking system (and 3v4 matches)

I won 5 games in a row with an slightly above average performance with positive K/D so I gain 10% per game (50% total). Fair enough I guess.
But in one game of stronghold I was put in a team that doesn't know how to play so I had to carry - had the most zone captures in my team with a stat of 23 Kills - 20 deaths with some assists. We lost badly like 150 - 250 but I still lost 30% of my rank anyway which is ridiculous.
Then the next game, the match started as 3v4, there wasn't a 4th person in our team! (he didn't rage quit because the scoreboard only lists 3 players, probably crashed during loading), our other player rage quit 10 seconds in because he realised it was a 3v4, so now it's a 2v4, We lost badly and another 30% of my rank is gone.
How is it that winning 5 in a row with respectable performance then losing two questionable games will net you negative points overall (50 - 60 = -10%)???
Also 3v4 is ridiculous, the game does know it is a 3v4 because instead of a greyed out colour on the scoreboard when a player dies/disconnected, it just lists 3 players as it is, but the match starts anyway!
(Usually when a player quits during the intro scene, it still lists their name on the scoreboard)
It should just cancel the match when a player didn't make it to the server.
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2021.12.06 11:34 AudiATL Audi A4 Gets A New Range-starting Premium Variant, Priced at Rs 39.99 lakh

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2021.12.06 11:34 myriyevskyy Autumn promenade ( dream..), oil on canvas, 24'' x 16''

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2021.12.06 11:34 Temstar 美国太空军部长:中国正在迅速的成为太阳系内的巨大威胁

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2021.12.06 11:34 goldwave84 A sub Reddit that talks about niche software

Hi all I'm looking for A sub Reddit that talks about niche software. I want to be able to track specific things on a map, based on location. Eg - all the grocery stores in a specific radius.
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2021.12.06 11:34 MistWeaver80 Pornography originated in a right wing/neoliberal socio-political system in which women and girls are subjugated & colonised sexually, socially & politically. Anyone who call pornography progressive should be subjected to interpretive snarls from the victims of pornography.

Pornography originated in a right wing/neoliberal socio-political system in which women and girls are subjugated & colonised sexually, socially & politically. Anyone who call pornography progressive should be subjected to interpretive snarls from the victims of pornography. submitted by MistWeaver80 to PornHatesWomen [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 11:34 Purcival_ Google TasksBoard makes Tasks Useful

I'm really shocked at how crappy Google Tasks is. I do respect Google's way of doing business, developing apps, and letting developers take those apps and turn them into better things, but I feel like it's so simple for Google to step in and make Tasks better. Keep is my favorite but Google TasksBoard allows me to officially use tasks in the productivity system.
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2021.12.06 11:34 BravelilBoomer 2.1 stereo for movies/TV watching?

How many of you still rock a great 2.1 and enjoy it with movies and average TV watching?
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2021.12.06 11:34 ZeusGenda Zekrom raid on me 8815 6684 6144

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2021.12.06 11:34 joken767 Any wifi card recommendations for Optiplex 3040 Micro?

So I bought an Optiplex and installed Ubuntu 20.04 on it. I want to know if there is any recommendations on good wifi card (with bluetooth) that I can buy. I'm slightly fluent with Linux so I can handle the installing and enabling but which card tho? I'm looking at intel brands and broadcom ones.
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2021.12.06 11:34 _Crafti_ Need advice for Christmas gift

So basically I want to buy a turntable for my parents as a Christmas gift. I’ve done some search and I’m stuck between the AT-LP3 and the Sony-LX310BT. Obviously I’m open for any other suggestions.
They do already have active speakers so my budget is around 250$. But I also think being able to use Bluetooth speakers will be a plus.
Thanks for your answers!
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2021.12.06 11:34 LECK_MICH_IM_ARSCHE1 Quantum superposition

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2021.12.06 11:34 Neel_Saurikh Good Evening. This Is An Appreciation Post. Gentlemen On This Sub And Some Other Sub Has Helped Me Reach To This Stage. Any kind of constructive criticism Will Be Welcomed.

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2021.12.06 11:34 Ewan13579_ If you know, you know

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2021.12.06 11:34 Educational_Capital1 anyone know how to fix this?

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2021.12.06 11:34 PolCorGyn Urban Basement | DRUM'N'BASS |

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2021.12.06 11:34 playboss95 Join the 18+Nudes and E.Sanchez Discord Server!

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2021.12.06 11:34 AutoGibbon [Release] Power Attack VR is live!

Mod Page
I want my power attacks to be controlled by the way I swing my weapon, so I made a little mod to do just that!
Caution: I published this as soon as it worked once, so it is far from perfect, and therefore is releasing as version 0.0.1
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2021.12.06 11:34 tyrantmaw What is one of your irrational fears?

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2021.12.06 11:34 el_topos The Last Strike (Creep)

The Last Strike (Creep)
Creeps find happiness in the small things. They have too. Delighting in the melody of buzzy blue corpse flies, the circling shade of vultures, the bounce and squelch of spongy dirt drenched in warm blood. A brutal battle. Surviving the long odds. Quickly followed by the Fallen Feast.
All the freshly dead meat. Piles upon piles of meat. As far as short-sighted creep could see. A red harvest. Fallen friends and fallen foes joined together on the menu.
Yet, a creep did not partake of the Feast.
It was unthinkable. Against his very nature. And his directive.
The silent sun high in the sky reminding him since he last fed. Stomach bellows with empty starvation, as stomachs wont do when denied. Grumbling at the deprivation, promising to consume regardless.
Yet, Molok did not eat.
Molok was the 3rd Melee Creep of the 324th Dire Brigade in the Grand Wave of the Southern Lane. Taller than a man, even though crudely bent and shrunken with disjointed bony spikes exiting his spine. His leather tough skin a tapestries of fresh scars. A mindless fire ant when viewed from above. Nonetheless, a veteran of countless battles. His bone mask freshly lacquered red. A true warrior; a true believer. So he too believes.
Standing statue still. Staring into himself. Clear unfocused.
Molok's ears twitch. Suddenly, the sounds of fellow creeps feasting turn deafening. Highlighted and latched into his mind. Slurps into stereo, burps with resounding bass, wets smacks of delight. Molok's three-clawed hand clutches at his chest to prevent the heaving. Breathe short, his vision stars.
A fellow creep sees his unease.
"Eat." barks his fellow creep. Barks and offers a most-prized piece. A severed head, unspoiled. Intact with eyes so sweet and brain like crème. Adding a gentle reminder for the sin, "For the Dire."
Yet, still, Molok did not eat.
Breaking his own ignoble line. A continuous genetic subservience reaching back to the very first iteration, precursor, proto-warstock of the Holy Dire Tide.
The Dire creep is a remarkable obscenity in a universe aligned with suffering. Engines of sweat and blood. Manufactured in the hollowed depths. Subterrean lairs upon lairs, laboriously pumping out the economically perfected unit of war. Casted into molds then conditioned. Cult of the Creep drilling its dogma. Defend the Dire. Defend the Light. Thousands of waves and thousands of batches. Cutting and pruning generational traits leaving only hunger. Insatiable hunger. A wild gnawing undeniable power.
"Eat!" His fellow creep yelps out in confusion quickly rising to fear. Forcing a severed creep head closer. A familiar face to Molok. A face memorable for how much of it was missing, scarred, and mangled. Odd, how it still smiles. "EAT!---or be Damned."
Damn Molok did not eat.
Visions of joining the Eternal Wave dashed upon jagged rocks. Suffering eternity on the Burning Shores. Shadows and echoes his only companions. Forever chasing the receding Holy Dire Tide. A lone soul.
"Oksha." finally, said Molok. Gesturing to the proffered severed creep head. "It is Oksha."
Molok knew but did not see. Death turns all into meat, it is known to creeps. However, Oksha's body never turned into meat. It remained Oksha. It stayed his brother. Molok claws at his temples attempting to scratch out the confusion.
The end of celebrating rippled outward as the survivors of the 324th Dire Brigade paused. A silence charges the air, tingling all ears. Molok pauses as well. Pauses only to feel the weight of the grave yellow eyes watching him. Creepy eyes glazed with remote vacancy at the sacrilege.
Bodies press closer, breathing synchronizes. In a single voice they intone the strongest command. Their will be done...or else.
"Eat for the Wave!" chants his cannibal comrades. In drumming unison, "Eat for the Dire!"
Though all creeps were Brothers. Oksha was a special creep. Even the Overlords agreed. To disrespect, to deny the sacrifice, to waste good meat. It all was too much for such simple creeps. Upping in tempo and forming one hungry mouth, one engulfing wave. The spirit rose until it broke into the physical. Spits and curses rained down. Then a tempest of stones and skulls. Molok accepted the blows and was broken. But, still, he refused to eat.
"It is Oksha." Repeated as prayer. Alight from within. A divine revelation trapped in his mind. His skull cracks under a well aimed throw. Fumbling, he still intones, "It is Oksha."
Anger at the insult folded into his heresy. The mob frenzy fevered into a pitch. The press of bodies closed in. Shrieks and howls as they fought for the privilege to tear into Molok. To consume the dishonor. Swallowing up Molok in a chaotic mass.
As the claws tore his flesh and howls rendered his ears. Molok insisted with his last breathe, "It is Oksha."
"What is the meaning of this?" commanded a higher authority a voice booming and dictatorial.
The Hero came. A Hero bathed in the dire-light. A dazzling display so dazzling that creep must look away from. Dire-light far too bright. Too bright and too good for base creeps. Supplication replaces fury. Violence postponed for the Hero. Priorities.
"What is the meaning of this?" repeats the Hero.
"Creep wont eat." A hoarse multi-voice tolls out condemnation their mouths filled with froth and foam.
The Glorious Hero grabs the severed creep head and throws to the feet of Molok. With beauty and grace he draws his sword. The beautiful blade with a bloodied edge. Careless.
Molok shudders at the blade yet he cannot look away. It was the blade. The blade that denied Oksha. Ending his brother and his faith.
"Eat creep." demands the Hero awash in the holy light. The magical empowered voice vibrates "EAT THE MEAT!"
Molok fell to his knees and pleads, "It is Oksha." Taking hold of his friend's head. The world spun faster and faster. His sobbing shoulders give way. To laughter. He laughs, loud and boisterous like a war cry, he laughs. Laughing through and through. As if to stop was to die.
"I dont have time for this," lamented the Noble Hero. "You think other heroes are nursing useless creep waves to their deaths. I am wasted, while I waste my skill on you fucking lemmings. Dire damned cannibal creeps."
The creeps heard. And tried to listen. Trying to find the command. Some were stunned, some were even shamed. A ugliness tarring the glory and beauty of the dire light. Puzzling and troubling, they look to each other. None answer the other.
"I claim this creep to be in the thralls of Denial." deigned the Gracious Hero. Sensing danger and falling into formality, "By the Stonehall Cartularium. I shall prevent the death bounty of this creep to the enemy."
Brutal efficiency of war-math ended Molok's laughter. Molok wiped the wrested tears and saw the end was clear.
He rotates the head to look upon his friend. Wiping away the dirt from the mask around the closed eyes. Eyes that slid open. Eyes like shiny golden buttons search and fall onto Molok.
The severed head begins to speak in the voice deeper than reality. Clear and true.
"You remember. You witness. You see." said the head, breathlessly. "What the hero did to me."
"Oksha, it is you!" Molok smiles and eagerly nods. Eyes widen and the moment transcends. A nimbus of sanity floats away. This mad little world left little reason to betray a talking head. Complicity falling into conspiracy.
Molok, 3rd Melee of the 324th Dire Brigade in the Grand Army of the Southern Lane, did the unbelievable. He screams and charges off his knees. Holding the head high to see.
And so the head of Oksha did see a Holy Hero bleed.
The Hero stupefied, refused to believe. As the clawed nails crawled through his gut; searching deeper for that pure heart. Killed by a creep. The last image his eyes transmits if one of lowly hideous creature holding a head, both smiling and eyes shining.
The smiles of Molok and Oksha quickly evaporate as the legends proves true. Balls of dire light began to swirl around the Sacred Hero's body. Consuming and digesting. As the body dissolves, the orbs of lightning shift form. Flashing into arrows of light, they beam up into the blue domed sky. Retrieved to be reborn. Respawning for revenge.
"We must flee!" cried the head of Oksha with a fear that one would think not exist for a severed head. "He will return. Heroes never die. Flee you fool!"
Grabbing his head, Molok ran. In fear but free.
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2021.12.06 11:34 hehill1 Why do Christians think god is the answer to everything?

I been having pretty vivid dreams lately they can go from phenomenal to horrid. And recently I had one that involved a friend that killed himself by accident. I told my SO about my dream and what it entailed and she said that I should reach out to god and that she also was going to tell her mother (who is a die-hard Christian) so that way she can talk to me too, without even asking me. Would I be wrong to be upset about that? I mean I’m on meds that give me crazy dreams which I told her before. But now I just feel like I can’t even tell her my dreams without her bringing religion into it when nothing about it was religious
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2021.12.06 11:34 ThePapeLillo Los fan del fantasma

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2021.12.06 11:34 dachillaz Battlefield 2042 Xbox Cloud Gaming?


does anyone know if Battlefiled 2042 will also be avaiable for Xbox Cloud Gaming with gamepass?
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