Very confused

2021.12.06 12:36 stevens0598 Very confused

Alright so I haven’t played destiny 2 since it came out, I got to level 20 and didn’t feel like buying the DLC. Well I redownloaded it because I recently got a ps5, and I decided to make a new character, and the first story mission is on the cosmodrome? Isn’t this the start of Destiny 1? I thought the beginning of 2 is where the traveler gets attacked? What happened to the other campaign?
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2021.12.06 12:36 usemebadly22222 34 [M4A] LAS VEGAS - LOOKING TO BE USED VERY BADLY...

Hey everyone,
I will be traveling to Vegas in Mid January and I am looking for an experience of a lifetime, if you can say that. The truth is, I am looking to be scared shitless and humiliated beyond belief. Here are a couple of vague scenarios to give you an idea at least:

  1. I'd love to watch a woman have relations with real men (men who know what they are doing and have an adequate package) while I have to watch, do chores, etc.
  2. Another scenario (far worse) is that I'd be taken and turned into a total bitch for everything and everyone. Ideally you'd be well connected and could arrange a situation where I'd be caged and scared I may even be kept for good. It could be live streamed while people watch.
I am very interested in these two scenarios if I can find the right people. I am open to doing whatever it takes to make these happen.
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2021.12.06 12:36 exudexx888 I'm my own Biggest Fan #spotifywrapped #spotify #exudexx

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2021.12.06 12:36 AltonMathis4562 Pug Shadow- Pug Shadow Santa Hat Christmas

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2021.12.06 12:36 procryptoclass How to Purchase HUH Tokens? Is the Newly Released HUH Token the Next Shiba Inu?

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2021.12.06 12:36 4blockhead [screenshot at latterdaysaints] Q. Why are right-wing political talking points allowed at the LDS chapel?

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2021.12.06 12:36 Actual-Stand7950 Analogica | Science Technology | Royalty Free Production Music​ | Chill Purpose ~ Shockwave-Sound

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2021.12.06 12:36 Gee_Jay_ H: Fasnacht Crazy Guy, Winter Man & Deathclaw Masks W: Ultracite 308 offers

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2021.12.06 12:36 hopeless_romantic229 I (22m) can’t let go of this girl and it’s killing me

I just can’t let her go she’s all I can think about and she’s amazing in every single way but she’s not into me so I should probably get over her I just can’t because she occupies my mind constantly even when I try to distract myself I can only think about her
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2021.12.06 12:36 Aubrey_Delgado88 Philip K Dick

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2021.12.06 12:36 BlazingHotFireFox Cardano Founder talks Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin

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2021.12.06 12:36 oxycleans A Real Demon - Part 2

Trinh annoyedly brushed the dust from her helmet's face shield. It was starting to cling to every part of her suit. The dust had also started messing with her sensors; her HUD could barely mark the outlines of the hidden walls to her sides, much less in front of her.
A caution light flashed suddenly on Trinh's HUD. She had been so distracted by the dust she nearly walked into the back of the capsule as the Mark 1 had made an unexpected stop. Stepping around the droid she realized they had come across a small cave in. Bringing up her scanner she began scanning the rocks. Behind her she heard Waz click on his comms.
“Huh, I finally understand why it's called a dead end.” Waz said sarcastically as he chuckled to himself.
Trinh ignored Waz’s comment as she continued scanning. Thankfully the scans indicated the cave in was only a few feet thick. Turning off her scanner she commanded the Mark 1 to begin digging.
“This shouldn't take long to clear. Waz did you place motion sensors behind us?” Trinh asked as she turned and looked back at the wall of dust behind them.
“I stopped after I realised the winding rock walls and dust were causing too much interference.”
“How far was the signal able to reach?”
“Only 10 yards at most. I did place my last seeker mine farther back though. From where we are it would be about 3 minutes before any of those droids would catch up to us. How long until that wall is clear?” Waz asked with only a hint of nervousness in his voice.
Trinh knew Waz's nervousness was justified as this was his first mission as an Infiltrator. Due to the staggering losses they had been taking against the Demons he had only just completed his training a week ago. From his dossier Trinh was able to learn he had never actually experienced combat having been transferred straight from basic to the Infiltrator program. He apparently had high scores in all subjects and trainer remarks showed he had unusually high problem solving ability.
“3 minutes as long as there are no additional problems.”
Thump Thump Thump
The echoing sounds of the seeker mine caused both agents to look at each other in surprise before each agent turned and threw themselves at the cave in. Frantically they both began to dig alongside the droid. Neither wanted to be wrong about needing 3 minutes especially with a Hunter on it's way.
The sound of boulders falling in front of Trinh made her smile in relief. A hole barely the size of her head had appeared at the top of the mound that had blocked the tunnel. With a new hole the air also began to cycle again and the dust began to filter out.
Both agents continued to dig as quickly as possible and the hole grew steadily larger and within 2 minutes it was now nearly wide enough for them to squeeze through. With the dust filtering out visibility had also increased to a few yards and the sensors were now reaching to the last S bend about 20 yards back.
Trinh's HUD had detected movement behind them. A single dot was quickly making its way toward them. Trinh knew they had only seconds before they would make contact.
"Form up now!" Trinh barked out the order as she turned around.
Using a well practiced motion she quickly flicked her right fist out and then back in, this action activated the suit's wrist mounted ranged weapon. Trinh paused for a moment as she watched the dot on the radar, it was just about to round the final bend.
Taking aim Trinh preemptively squeezed off two rounds which perfectly hit the Mark 2 in the chest as it rounded the corner. Squeezing her fist again she sent two more rounds which expertly hit the Mark 2 in the head. With both of its processors destroyed the droid fell lifelessly to the ground.
Blink Blink
Two more dots had appeared on radar.
"I said form up." Trinh said angrily, she knew she didn't have time to repeat orders.
"Heads up." Waz said as he stepped forward and launched an explosive from his wrist launcher.
The explosive hit the wall just behind the downed droid. Instantly causing a cave in which slowly started to expand toward them. Trinh turned angrily toward Waz, however she held back her words as she noticed that the Mark 1 had completed its task of clearing a hole big enough for itself and had pushed its way through.
Quickly she pushed Waz into the hole and followed through. They could now see the end of the small tunnel. As they reached the end of the small tunnel they quickly exited into the much larger underground river tunnel.
Turning back Trinh could see that the cave in had stopped at the hole they had cleared. Meaning there was now at least 20+ yards of stone and loose gravel between them and their pursuers. Knowing this both agents relaxed slightly before continuing to follow the Mark 1 up stream.
Trinh couldn't help but marvel at the size of the underground river tunnel. As it was much larger with scans estimating it was nearly 100 yards in diameter. During the rainy season this tunnel would nearly fill to the top with water. However thankfully it was the dry season so only a much smaller stream about a yard wide and a foot deep ran down the center.
Now that the dust was clear Trinh checked her HUDs updated scans which now estimated that it was going to take nearly 20 minutes for the Mark 1 to reach the exit. With time to kill Trinh began to clean her suit using the water from the stream. Removing the dust would make sure her sensors and cloaking would work at a hundred percent. Glancing back she noticed Waz also started to clean his own suit as well. Trinh was glad she didn't have to tell him too.
"The first seeker mine must have taken out a few Mark 3's back at the lab. Notice how they sent Mark 2's at us in a staggered formation?" Trinh remarked as they continued forward.
"Makes sense, I'm sort of surprised the Hunter didn't just lead the charge." Waz said honestly.
Trinh had nearly forgotten about the Hunter. The Hunter that stalked them was one of the Nomads. The Nomads were the biggest aliens in the known galaxy. They lived amongst small clans that roamed the edges of the galaxy in their large clan ships that served as home. These clans didn't actually fight one another very often however they constantly sent their warriors on journeys of blood where they would serve as mercenaries amongst both the Ayani and the Vey. This was in order for them to gain experience. Their warriors wore large suits of combat armor which were made of an unknown organic material stronger than most known metals. The Nomad clans also enjoyed these times of war as this allows them to make a killing both figuratively and literally.
“Do you think we could just pay it more? You know, to stop hunting us.” Waz jokingly questioned Trinh as they made their way down the tunnel.
“The Hunters cannot be bargained with.” Trinh said with a hint of dissatisfaction. She knew he was only joking but they both knew that the Nomads had a strict code of honor which meant they would never break a contract otherwise risk the wrath of the other clans.
In solemn silence they continued forward for the next several minutes. The only sounds in the tunnel being the trickle of the stream and the Mark 1's labored mechanical footsteps echoing in front of them.
The sudden sounds of crashing rock echoed through the tunnel from behind them. Trinh's sensors instantly detected multiple dots coming from the hole in the collapsed tunnel they had exited from.
Unfortunately they had managed to only go half the distance they needed to due to the Mark 1's slower pace. Trinh knew they needed more time. They still had nearly a mile to go before they would reach the exit and according to the suits estimate it would take the Mark 1 another 10 minutes to reach the end of the tunnel. The Mark 2's on the other hand were nearly twice as fast, having been designed to out pace even the Ayani in full combat suits. Judging by the curve of the tunnel they would likely come under enemy fire soon.
“We need to find somewhere with cover that will allow us to delay those droids. We have to buy at least 2 minutes for the Mark 1 to make it to the rendezvous point unharmed.” Trinh said as she began to scan the tunnel ahead for any sort of possible cover they could use.
It wasn't long before she spotted a slight cave in, which made a nice defensive hill in the middle of the tunnel. The water bending sharply as it hit the rocks. The hill was still a ways from the exit but it was their only shot. They would have to destroy as many of the droids as they could for 2 minutes straight before they could turn and run.
Upon reaching the hill Trinh took up position by kneeling down and directed Waz to stand behind her on the hill. This would allow them both to open fire as soon as the droids came into view around the corner.
The sounds of the mechanical footsteps could be heard echoing louder as the droids got closer. The agents both readied their weapons with the flick of their fists. “Remember two to the chest and two to the head, we have to destroy both processors or they will continue to fight.” With Waz behind her Trinh couldn't tell if he was nervous or anxious but either way she needed him to fight.
Trinh watched the map of her HUD closely and once again fired preemptively as the first droid rounded the corner. Just like before a pair of plasma rounds hit it in the chest. This was quickly followed by another pair of rounds removing it's head which instantly forced the droid to collapse.
As the droids continued around the corner Trinh continued to fire her wrist weapons, alternating shots as the droids started to come in staggered groups. “Start firing Waz.” Trinh said with a hint of anger in her voice. Waz now began to fire as well.
The droids were now rounding the corner in ever growing groups. Because of this several were now managing to get shots off before they were gunned down by the agents. Their rounds however always just barely missed the agents thanks to their infiltrator suits scramblers which were managing to disrupt the enemy targeting sensors just enough. Trinh knew if the droids were any closer though they probably wouldn't miss but at this range they would be fine.
"It looks like we might make it after all." Waz said anxiously. Trinh noticed the countdown clock which had them at 30 seconds before they would have to turn and run in order to match the Mark 1's arrival at the exit.
Trinh froze momentarily as her sensors indicated a large dot had exited the small tunnel and was now moving quickly toward them. They began to fire again as a wave of a dozen droids rounded the corner all firing away. They managed to drop all of them however Trinh took a glancing hit from the last one which was a Mark 3 who's targeting sensors had been unaffected by their scramblers.
“Time to go.” Trinh said as she brushed the broken shards off her suit's shoulder. The suit automatically began to mend itself as the micro scaled armor of her infiltrator suit pushed new scales to the surface.
Turning away the agents both began to run as they flicked their fists again turning off their weapons while simultaneously turning on their cloaking. Trinh knew they would need to rely on the cloaking system while running in order to not get shot in the back. With a half a mile to the exit it would take them 4 minutes to make it there.
According to Trinhs sensors they had cleared most of the initial droids with only a single wave of a dozen more set to appear behind them within the next minute. However a much larger chunk of reinforcements was now following the Hunter who continued to gain ground at an alarming rate.
They steadily continued toward the exit. When plasma rounds began to hit all around them.The next wave of droids had taken up a line on the hill and began to fire at random all around them. The suits' cloaking and anti targeting counter measures however allowed them to continue unimpeded. The plasma rounds always landed dangerously close but never actually hit their mark.The plasma fire suddenly stopped however as they reached the quarter mile mark. They had two more minutes of running to do before they would reach the end.
A single much louder shot rang out from behind them. Trinh knew the sound was far too large to be a plasma rifle and she was right as her suit quickly identified it was a plasma cannon. She could only watch as the large bolt flew over her head but instead of hitting the wall it curved slightly as it followed the bending tunnel before it hit the ground to the side of the Mark 1. The blast immediately severed the legs from the body of the Mark 1. Which was now only a hundred yards from the end of the tunnel. Without legs it slowly began to crawl, Trinhs HUD updated the estimates which now indicated they would beat it to the exit now. Trinh grit her teeth as she continued forward. She didn't even need to look at her map to know that the Hunter had arrived.
[Next] Coming soon...
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2021.12.06 12:36 seamonkeystew Eastward - Nintendo Switch Gameplay - Episode 9

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2021.12.06 12:36 Impossible_Tap_4172 Should drugs be legalised?
You can help us uncover the perplexities of the drug policy debate by anonymously taking our short survey! (link available until 13 december 23:59)
I’m researching people’s attitude towards drug legalisation with Prof. Han van der Maas and Johnny van Doorn. If you have friends, relatives, or colleagues interested in the subject (especially if you differ in opinion); don’t hesitate to forward this message.
Many thanks in advance, Timo.
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2021.12.06 12:36 Smashingbath White snake

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2021.12.06 12:36 Illustrious-Ad9987 30MM vs SD Cross Silhouette

so i have very little free time and i just need to build something quick so what do you think is better a 30mm kit or a sdcs kit ?
if you have other suggestions please share them as long as it has a quick build
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2021.12.06 12:36 Aubrey_Delgado88 Philip K Dick

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2021.12.06 12:36 Sweetlantern Neil Peart Sucks

Rock drumming, in general, sucks.
Ringo Starr gets shit on and Neil Peart is held in the highest regard. This is perhaps the best way to point out my problem with other peoples opinions on what qualifies as good drumming. Ringo is an excellent drummer, he should be the example of how to back a rock band.
Wanna know good drumming? You will find it in Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, and Funk. Listen to various African music, listen to all the kinds of Latin music, and Indian classical music as well. Listen to the fills on Motown stuff from Papa Zita.
Drumming is not a sport. Rock music is juvenile. Swingless, tasteless, grooveless rock drumming is sadly the most popular style amongst most drummers in my area, and probably most places as well.
There isn’t much use in my post/rant
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2021.12.06 12:36 Bridge_Psychological Mydecine files patent application to cover multiple families of psilocin analogs The company’s patent-pending permeation enhanced prodrug provides more control over the drug while also possibly eliminating undesirable properties like nausea by bypassing the digestive system.

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2021.12.06 12:36 pokehedge97 LF Pidgey, Spinda, Dunsparce and and Nosepass. FT Any breedable pokemon

These are the last mons I need for my national dex. I can breed any other Pokémon to trade back
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2021.12.06 12:36 missingpartsofyou Should i study dentistry?

So i have been thinking about what i should study and dentistry seems pretty interesting for me. But one thing is that i don't have steady hands, they can be bit shaky. But i have been thinking about orthodontics as well, but i would still need to study dentistry for that. So would my problem be a big no for me to study dentistry or orthodontics?
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