Anderson .Paak - Oxnard Vinyl LP

2021.09.20 17:06 Cutmasterc Anderson .Paak - Oxnard Vinyl LP

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2021.09.20 17:06 Anonymous_B New Arcane Teaser from Twitter

Tweeted by the Aracane Twitter here:

I'd like to let you in on a very important secret.
Video/Streamable here:
I think I see Jhin and Jinx, anyone recognize anyone else?
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2021.09.20 17:06 TheMuslimHistorian Ervaring bij een pjo/politieke partij: vermelden op je cv of niet?

In het verleden heb ik veel vrijwilligerservaring bij een politieke jongeren organisatie opgedaan, en aangezien ik een student ben, wil ik dit graag op mijn cv zetten aangezien ik nog weinig werkervaring heb. Echter sta ik voor en dilemma nu ik voor een stage wil solliciteren: zal ik dit vermelden of niet? Er zijn helaas genoeg werkgevers die misschien aanstoot hebben aan bepaalde politieke partijen en dit zou dus averechts werken (geen vrijwilligerservaring bij de PVV, FVD of die richting, voor de duidelijkheid). Zouden jullie dit op je cv zetten of zeg je: beter weg laten?
Ter verduidelijking: ik ben van plan te solliciteren bij voornamelijk overheidsinstanties, zoals gemeenten en organisaties zoals de IND.
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2021.09.20 17:06 A_Few_Mooses He tap bruh

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2021.09.20 17:06 irelandn13 Possibility of a movie regarding Matzek once he retires?

With how great of a comeback his story was, do we think a movie/documentary is made on his return and Dominance especially if he wins a WS with us or another team before he retires?
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2021.09.20 17:06 whatever07013 Ace of spades & runtz both about ready to harvest! Another week or so if that

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2021.09.20 17:06 0neG0al Is there a video guide to clean M15 R3 vents?

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2021.09.20 17:06 TioChonChon Steelers fan 💩his pants

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2021.09.20 17:06 supercooljoe01 Soon

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2021.09.20 17:06 couponfordeals 25% off > $48.99 < ICE COOREL Adjustable Monitor Stand Computer Riser Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.09.20 17:06 wide_devoun me when i say /hub in bedwars

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2021.09.20 17:06 Studio10eleven Third suspect arrested in fatal shooting of 3-year-old boy - WLOS

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2021.09.20 17:06 Lumpy_Drummer5500 ATER!!! utilization maxed out, forming strong support at +10% on the daily, i've never seen ortex stats this saucy

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2021.09.20 17:06 Hazards-of-Love Two vandalized advertisements within 15 minutes of each other

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2021.09.20 17:06 Any-Nobody-5597 Filing ESA claim & need some assistance. Any help would be appreciated.

Long story short.
- Worked 1 month at a brand new dispensary that was opened for one month prior to me working there. - Two staff members told manager that I made statements, yet they were untrue as these were comments they would make while we would be outside during smoke breaks or if no one was around. -Employer said she'd investigate the situation to turn around and send a termination letter.
-Employer claimed in the termination email I would be paid LAST Friday (9/17/21) I emailed the day before asking if the ROE papers would be included. (No response from either that email or the email the day of asking what has happened to my pay, additionally I also included another copy of my void cheque for reference. - Now in the process of filing and need to know if I've added enough information, if I need to remove or edit anything.
I appreciate any help with this as this is my first time.
Thank you ahead of time and below is my draft of what I'm going to be sending.

+ Forced to not sign contract after several points of contact of requesting to for a contract to be signed for my employment and several comments about how uncomfortable I feel working without an employment contract.
+ Never asked for payroll information, two payroll periods passed, I sent my void cheque, confirmed details with the employer and she confirmed I would be getting paid. It's now the third payroll (the day I was told in my termination email I would be paid for my entire time of employment.
+ I have not been paid once since starting work here.
+ Requested ROE papers in order to apply for EI support and haven't been met with any response. Sent follow up email as well.
+ First week of employment, when mentioning the 30 minute lunch breaks that the law requires, I was interrupted and told that I wasn't a "team player" if I take breaks. They stated as a manager, they don't take breaks. If I must take a break to just take 15 minutes. In the one month I worked, I took 5 breaks and weren't able to finish the whole 15 minutes as there would be staff and manager missing several times in the day, causing me to drop what I was eating to run out and help customers.
+ Treatment from the manager turned malicious after race was revealed during a simple question about aid for Afghanistan as all dispensaries in the Greater Toronto Area were asking budtenders to request assisting with the aid to our managers. After this day aggressive behavior came from the manager, hours were slashed, duties were doubled to doing all the tasks, while other staff stood by and didn't assist me.
+The day I asked to speak to the manager, he took me outside, got irate, degraded me verbally with anything he could come up with, going as far as insulting who I am and where I came from. He did this in the back of the store outside, I wasn't able to discuss anything as I was being screamed at so loud I couldn't hear anything, once he finished screaming, he walked away without allowing me to speak at all.
+I contacted the employer who took till 7:45PM to get back to me when I contacted her at 4:38PM. I told her what was happening, the fact the manager was saying that two employees have ganged up, come to him and let him know that I said statements that were untrue. I tried explaining how I've been treated by these two staff members, one of them would constantly call me a "brown person who doesn't get it", would insult the owner, other staff, and the statements that they're saying I said, are comments made by the staff members themselves. They used this incident as a means of sabotaging me out of my job, this all occurred days after the race issue with the manager. I was sent a termination notice via email when the employer verbatim said, "I will speak to all the staff and investigate what's happened and call you back as soon as possible." I was never called, they never investigated anything, and I was sent that email at 9:30pm the same night.
+Termination was based off favoritism and discrimination due to gang mentality from the manager towards other employees. Two employees ganged up and made falsified remarks that I made statements that were untrue. After trying to speak to the Manager Matia, I was told verbatim "I'm not your F******* friend, I'm Diego's friend!" Diego is a team lead budtender who has obvious favoritism as they would leave me in the store to go smoke cannabis in the back room of the store.
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2021.09.20 17:06 fap4jesus Fifa 22 and Volta Tracklist

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2021.09.20 17:06 Lost_Alex_Boy Did you know that I'm the best at sleeping?

So good in fact that that I can do it with my eyes closed.
Get it?
Ha ha
Please laugh
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2021.09.20 17:06 hungersong What is this big leafed weed in Philadelphia? Bonus if you also know surrounding species

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2021.09.20 17:06 unarmedphrasing Got these pair AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH TRAVIS SCOTT yesterday. What is the best outfit I gonna wear guys, any opinion?

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2021.09.20 17:06 Temporary-Airport-44 Best way to take out money from business account to pay minimum taxes

I’ve already paid corporate tax. I’m in Ontario Canada
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2021.09.20 17:06 JHCardus Gym newbie looking for advice: My chest is growing, but it’s mainly fat. Is this normal?

I’ve been at the gym since around April this year and still really enjoy it and the progress I’ve made. I’ve definitely gotten gradually bigger but my chest in particular seems to be appearing fatter unlike the other parts I’m exercising that are appearing more muscular. It looks like I’ve grown manboobs rather than any muscles. I do a chest workout around once a week, mainly consisting of dumbbell bench press (flat and incline) along with cable crossovers (high to low, low to high, and mid). The weights are probably low to the more experienced lifter but are gradually getting better. I’m also attempting a surplus diet around 4 high protein meals a day. Basically just looking to see if this a normal chest development, and if not, what should I change? Many thanks!
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2021.09.20 17:06 steam_steam should i get minecraft for my birthday

im serious should i
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2021.09.20 17:06 rebirth_phoenix7 PB have ruined me

Was just talking to me my friends about plans and they suggested karaoke and I asked them how many diamonds does it cost :(
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2021.09.20 17:06 Foxmcbowser42 Big Ten Football Players of the Week

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