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New video out

2021.09.20 16:43 Dk_Jones New video out

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2021.09.20 16:43 funnyabort don't ask me about the man's legs

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2021.09.20 16:43 NWOHOGAN Kena Bridge of Spirits announces physical editions on PS5 and PS4 #ps5 ...

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2021.09.20 16:43 Nickybueno Faction stuff.

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2021.09.20 16:43 csc1213 Not much but first bet made. Wish me luck!!

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2021.09.20 16:43 PM_ME_YOUR_VIOLAS Forbidden Cheese

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2021.09.20 16:43 antisocial2017 Momento Mori [1440x2560]

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2021.09.20 16:43 Affectionate-Body349 Omg

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2021.09.20 16:43 fruktas21 💶 Lottery as a service for everyone at Binance Smart Chain | Play lottery now | Token launching soon! 💵

💶 Lottery as a service for everyone at Binance Smart Chain 💵

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👉 We offer with every Lottery a telegram bot and a DApp!!! Join our group and ask for details.

👉 Lotteries are just the beginning! More cool stuff will be announced...

Telegram: https://t.me/LuckyAstroCat
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2021.09.20 16:43 ddalgikp not able to reinforce lessons properly

my program has majors which are heavy on memorization and ang dami talagang kailangang aralin tas puro pa kami self-study so ang hirap talagang "ma-master" yung lesson kumbaga. like i do effective study techniques naman like active recall and the such kaso after ko mag-quiz parang nakakalimutan ko na ulit yung inaral ko aaaa help
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2021.09.20 16:43 Unhappy-Research8910 Cracked KJ after second use🙈

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2021.09.20 16:43 Kamikazie95 Contaminated Spawn Bags

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2021.09.20 16:43 Zwor An Unconventional Reserve SBIH spot

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2021.09.20 16:43 ChrisLuhrsVA Got em

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2021.09.20 16:43 Dickoreeeeee Bildbeschreibung | ein Bild beschreiben | Picture description

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2021.09.20 16:43 YoDaNaSoDa123 Valve index 2?!

When do you think it will release? What do you think the price will be? And what do you think will come along with it?
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2021.09.20 16:43 Comprehensive-Box707 Do small women even like small guys?

A lot of small women that are 5'1 and under go after tall guys. I'm 5'4 and get rejected by women 5'2+ they usually ignore me and say i'm too short which I guess makes sense since i'm not that much taller. 5'1 and under women that i'm decently taller than say i'm too short too and most of them want tall guys. I even got rejected by women that are 4'6 - 4'10 because i'm too "short" and a lot of them aren't interested in someone that small even though they are smaller, I don't understand.
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2021.09.20 16:43 Johnees Ar kažkur galima pažiūrėti administracinių nusižengimų kodekso pakeitimų istoriją?

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2021.09.20 16:43 hitkumar Perting Pet Fishes in Agri Pond...

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2021.09.20 16:43 secbio Hardware suggestions

Simple one!

Looking to rebuild my lab - currently have an old (8 years) Intel NUC, its served me well.

Looking for something similar but thought I'd ask for some suggestions - my labs are simple, just want a piece of hardware to run some VM's etc.. (probably should just buy a PC I guess)

Any nice all in one hardware suggestions?

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2021.09.20 16:43 SaintValkyrie Advice? Fiancé’s coworkers and managers affecting us both

So me and my fiancé are in our 20’s, and he works as an in home caregiver at this company. This is the second caregiving company he’s worked with. The people who are supposed to relive his shift are often 30minutes to 2 hours late. This isn’t a soemtimes thing either, it’s maybe once a week if we’re lucky that someone is on time. He is always called in on his days off to cover shifts people didn’t show up to or last minute called in sick. Keep in mind, these are 12 hour shifts. Sometimes they cant find a replacement for him after his shift and he has to work a full 24 hours!! I at first tried to tell him that he shouldn’t do that for them, but if he doesn’t do it the person he’s caregiving for will be alone and have no one to take care of them. This is often people who can’t move without being lifted, dementia patients, and the like. The current patient he works with is paralyzed from the waist down and elderly, they can’t be alone for that long. The shift managers are supposed to come in and cover the shift but they rarely do, and half the time they won’t answer their phone anyway. He works four days a week normally but because of this I barely get to see him. I often pick him up from work at night and usually I’m sitting in the car waiting for an hour at least! We’ve talked to his client and he’s going to work for him privately, and I’m going to help do some paid shifts as well when that starts, but he still plans to work with them and basically do both jobs? I’m just really mad at this place, and it seems like every caregiving company in this city is that crappy. Just today he was supposed to work a two hour shift to cover someone going to a Doctors appointment. He then got told that the replacement was in the hospital an hour after his shift ended. So he had to work a 14 hour shift. I went to go pick him up from work and waited about 45 minutes before he called to tell me that he was just told his replacement was throwing up and they had Covid. How would you know without a test anyway? So his replacement is going to be coming 1-3 hours late. So he’ll be working a 15-17 hour shift when he was originally supposed to be working a two hour shift!! If someone didn’t depend on him for their well-being, he’d have left a long time ago and said screw this. I just don’t know what to do, this is affecting both of us, but mainly him. He’s always been the kind of person who will work without complaint but I’m really worried. I don’t know if there’s anything we can do, because the company won’t or can’t hire new people. And when they do, he’s had to stay an extra hour unpaid often because they had no idea how to take care of a person like they received no training. The last time he left and someone was inexperienced the patient almost died from an infection they were given from not being changed properly. With the currently client they could easily drop him and break something or worse. What do we do? We need the money and don’t want to hurt anyone but this is ridiculous
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2021.09.20 16:43 The-Techie Crypto: Coinbase Signs New Contract With US ICE

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2021.09.20 16:43 CollectorCorpse Gamezy Store legit?

I came across gamezy .store and it has some of the more rare/expensive figures at cheaper than retail prices.
The site looks pretty legit, but the prices worry me. And despite saying there's free delivery on orders over £12, it seems to have a set £7 shipping fee regardless.
Just wondering if anyone has ordered from them before before I make an order.
It is UK based and accepts PayPal so worst case I guess I'm protected there. Just not too sure whether to trust it.
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2021.09.20 16:43 BotDefense overview for ferrymenmagnetited0

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