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“pumpkin pie filling” allegedly. looks like hell but has 25g protein for about 180 cals soooo

2021.09.20 15:56 princess_m_ “pumpkin pie filling” allegedly. looks like hell but has 25g protein for about 180 cals soooo

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2021.09.20 15:56 J4mm1eDodger The Wolves of Callisto - Chapter 4

4. The Hunted
Barak and I had been together as a small fireteam for just under a year, doing odd jobs here and there, all for the promise of glimmer. Earth was the usual place we used as our stomping ground and is where we completed most of our jobs. Scaring off the occasional fallen bandits with the threats from the Wolves of Callisto. Moving from small town to town, picking up bounties and supply jobs for those in need. The full Guardian Schtick. But we felt disconnected from fellow Guardians, not always a bad thing I would admit, but sometimes it was nice to have people to reach out to for a little assistance. But we knew we only really wanted to work with fellow Hunters, seeing as the others slightly annoyed us. Plus we trusted Hunters more not to be snitches to the vanguard. We decided to make a permanent place of camp, hopefully, we could find an abandoned building to make into our own den. A Wolf Den perhaps. We flew our ships out to an area we knew was hidden densely in forests and away from where our enemies could find us. The issue, however, was finding the damn area as it was so dense we didn’t even know where it was.
We decided to make a small camp after several days of walking. We didn’t know where we were heading but we knew whatever came our way would meet either our blades and bullets or we would roll with the change. That is all any of us Guardians can ever do, make sure we adapt as life throws us curveballs. I decided to start a fire while Barak went hunting to get us food. We had agreed that we would switch these roles around each time we made camp to keep it interesting and not be unfair since we both loved the thrill of the hunt. This also allowed us peace of mind while hunting, as we both had competed over kills in the past. I gathered some rocks to surround the slight hole I had dug, to help contain the fire and allow us to cover our tracks when we left. Suddenly, I heard a yell from Barak. I picked up my gun and ran to where I had heard the cry come from, running through bushes and thorns to reach my friend. As I broke into the clearing I saw Barak holding the body of a recently shot deer. He looked at me puzzled.
“Haco? I thought you were making the fire? That’s how our deal goes ya’know.”
“I heard you yell?? What the hell was that?” I was exasperated at the fact I ran out there for no danger at all.
“A yell of triumph of course? This is the biggest deer I think either of us has caught, don’t you agree?”
“I thought you were in trouble! You gave me a heart attack!”
“You don’t need to worry about me brother, now let's get back to the camp and hope it wasn’t raided in your absence.” he laughed and led the way back to the camp. I paused for a moment and watched him walk into the bushes, he called me brother. I smiled, holstered my weapon and followed behind him, not letting him see the smile. Or whatever my Exo face did to replicate a smile.
As the dusk set in around us, once more we had our camp set up and felt the presence of safety wash over us. Being in the middle of nowhere with only our instincts and skills to help us survive was the very core of our being. Our conversations around fires always felt more real, more felt and open. I couldn’t explain it, however, it brought out the truest side of us, and it was nice.
As we drifted toward the realm of sleep my Ghost hummed to life and started speaking quite expeditiously “Incoming distress signal coming from 1200m North East from our current location, It’s another Guardian. Haco we need to hurry.”
Before my Ghost had even finished, we were up and sprinting, leaving the fire burning in a glow behind us to slowly fade away. We ran through bushes, past trees and through thorn bushes. Our cloaks caught occasionally, yet were torn free by our momentum. Barak closed the slight lead I had ahead of him and ran level with me “So what do you think is so urgent that this Guardian put out a distress signal?”
“Not sure but it takes a lot to get Guardians into trouble, so probably nothing good. Hopefully, it’s fallen and they’ll bolt as soon as we get there.”
“Haco we have the reputation but maybe that won’t be enough,” he muttered, uneasily. I laughed and tapped my holster “And that’s why we have these, Brother.”
We broke through the woods into this open area, there were scorch marks and bullet holes all around us. Yet no sign of life, no Guardian, no Fallen, Nothing.
We scouted our surroundings out, looking for even the slightest thing that would’ve been out of place. There was no sign of the Guardian, only slight signs of battle. I turned to Barak and nodded and we split up, weapons still drawn. I walked over to one of the trees, scorched from battle and inspected the bushes next to it. Clear signs that a person, or people, had travelled through this way. I whistled to Barak and followed the trail of crushed foliage and broken branches. Something didn’t make sense though. “Hey, Barak? Do you know any Guardians that are like eight-foot tall?”
“Are you kidding? Because the tallest guy I’ve seen was 6’4 and he kept almost getting shot in the head. An eight-foot tall guy wouldn’t survive.”
“Then how did the branches up there get snapped?” I question, pointing out the damage above us.
“Clearly... yeah I have no clue.” he laughed and then continued to walk “Let’s find this Guardian and help him outta this shit alright?”
The path continued until we came upon some run-down old power station. The windows were all smashed in and vines ran down the walls like they were trying to hold the crumbling building together. The wire fences around the condemned generators were rusted over and falling off their fence posts. Up on top of the roof, behind a line of barbed wire, we saw movement. It appeared to be a Guardian. Just as we waved at him we saw him sit up and yell “Look out!”.
Right on cue, a fiery grenade landed next to us, planting itself into the ground like a spike. We dove out of the way just in time as it detonated, leaving a small smouldering crater where we once stood. I looked up as this giant alien creature, covered head to toe in this blueish green armour, eyes glowing white. It stood so tall it felt as if it was blocking out the sun from where I lay on the ground. It almost looked like a giant turtle with all that armour on, or maybe a rhino if it was standing on its back legs without the iconic horn. It raised its arm and I saw the blade it carried glint in the sun. It brought it down with such finality, it felt like not even my Ghost would be able to bring me back. I threw my head to the side, narrowly dodging the sharp edge of the blade. I pulled my own blade out and sliced at the hand of the creature. It felt like I was trying to cut through a log. It let out a pained scream as the knife wedged itself in its arm, yet it yanked the knife from my hand away and raised its other arm for another attack.
“Oh…shit” I yelled, preparing for the crushing blow. I saw an arm appear around the neck of the creature and it paused in confusion, then I saw Barak grab the arm it was about to attack with
“Haco! Move idiot! This thing is goddamn strong!” he yelled and was thrown back by the alien. I rolled to the side and stood up, ready to fight. The other Guardian was still hanging onto the hulking monster as if it was its cloak, being flung around in the wind. Me and Barak pulled our guns out and unloaded into the creature until our magazines were empty. It stumbled forward and then back slowly like it was drunk. And then fell, like a recently cut tree. Unlucky for the Guardian clinging on to it, it fell directly back on top of him. He let out a faint squeal as it crushed him. Barak laughed at him and I slumped against a tree. The Guardian’s arms flailed from beneath the corpse so Barak helped pull him free. He sighed and looked at us, a titan wearing almost a glossy white armour. He looked way too fancy to be out here in this wilderness.
“Thanks for the save guys, ran outta ammo and I couldn’t take it one on one. The name’s Pete by the way. Who are you guys?”
“I’m Barak, and the one on the floor over there is Haco. Wanna give him at least a wave Haco?” he looked at me staring at the corpse.
“What was that Pete?” I said coldly, my eyes not deviating from the body.
“You guys not seen these before? They are Cabal? They have been found on Mars, no one knows where they are from but they have set up a base of operations there. Do you guys not listen to the Vanguard briefings? It’s common knowledge. But they shouldn’t be on earth, I think this was just a rogue scout.”
“We don’t associate with the Vanguard. We are just Hunters, drifting around helping people.” I say standing up and walking over to pick my knife up. I planted my foot on its shoulder and yanked my knife free from the arm. “Are you sure it was alone? I doubt it would just be the one scout.” I looked around and saw a faint red beam aimed at the titan’s chest. It wasn’t alone after all. A shot rang out before I could warn him, a hole appeared in his armour where the round penetrated through him. I grabbed his body as it slumped down and carried him behind a wall to shelter us from the sniper. Barak was hiding behind a tree across the clearing. I looked at Pete and the hole in his chest “Don’t get your Ghost out yet, bear with the pain until we take out the sniper. Don’t want you returning to light on us now.” I tapped his shoulder in reassurance and turned to Barak “You know where the shooter is?” I yelled.
He slowly poked his head around the tree as the red light was still fixed upon the wall me and Pete were hidden behind. After finding the source of the light he raised one hand, he pointed up and then a series of numbers through finger signs. After he was finished I stared at him blankly, to which he responded by cradling his head in his hands. He did the same hand signals again. Maybe it was directional coordinates? I brought up my HUD in my helmet and used the compass numbers across the top to look in the direction Barak told me. I prepared my rifle and braced myself to look over the wall to face the sniper. I only had one shot at this, otherwise, I might get shot myself and leave Barak alone. I took a breath. Finger on the trigger. Now. I steadied myself on the wall and fired up into the trees where the light was coming from. The light waved around briefly and then went out. My legs gave out and I collapsed down next to Pete, putting my hand back on his shoulder. “You’re safe, heal up,” I muttered and then passed out.
I woke up to Barak kneeling over me with Pete standing opposite him, his helmet was off and had a worried expression on his face. I sat up confused. “Did I get hit?”
“No you just straight up blacked out for a couple of minutes!” he exclaimed, “I didn’t know Exos could do that!”
“They shouldn’t be able to. But oh well. It’s probably nothing.” I groggily got up onto my feet and stretched. I looked at my surroundings, reassessing everything in case anything had changed in my absence. It looked like one of the others had dragged the other creature's body from where it died into the clearing to join the other. This one was very different. Instead of the huge hulking frame full of muscle and power, this one was skinny and a lot shorter. Closer to my height. It wore a similar colour armour to the larger creature, however, its helmet had a faint purple glow. With only one eye, which had a hole pierced through it. One hell of a shot. These creatures wore the same armour and must’ve been working together, yet they look like two separate species. I turned to Barak, who still kept his gaze on me.
“What?” I sighed and asked,
“You passed out? What happened?”
“I don’t know? Stress overload? Who knows, but I’m alive and we saved Pete here. It’s all good.”
Pete looked at us “Want me to leave you guys to your lovers’ quarrel? I’ll transmit some glimmer to you once I get back to the tower, I owe you guys for this.”
“Keep an open channel for us just in case we need assistance,” I said tilting my head slightly “But in terms of owing us, do you know of any run-down yet structurally secure buildings nearby? Preferably quite large.”
He paused for a second before pulling out his Ghost and asked it to give us a set of coordinates. “Here, this place is in the middle of nowhere. No enemies, raiders or bandits nearby either. Completely isolated. And if that's all I’ll be taking my leave, I hope to see you guys again.”
I went to respond, but before I got the chance, he transmatted away.
“Well, that was rude. Didn’t even say goodbye.” Barak laughed, he looked over to me, where I was rubbing the side of my head. “You ok? Your circuits fried or something?”
“Yeah, no I’m good. Just a little disoriented. Got the Coordinates?” I groaned and shrugged him off.
“I do, yeah. But how do we know he won’t have it tracked by the Vanguard?” he said as he turned to walk in the direction the building was supposedly located.
“We saved his life. He owes us. Let’s hope he keeps it quiet. This’ll be our safe haven, our home. A refuge for any Hunters like us.” I rocked my neck back and forth as if to crack it, almost like an instinct. I froze slightly before walking after Barak. I lightly punched his shoulder and we walked into the woods.
After a couple of miles of walking through more densely wooded areas, we came upon the abandoned building. It was fairly large, yet hidden behind layers of bushes, vines and moss. It almost looked like the building itself grew into the surroundings. We approached the doorway where a tree had fallen across, blocking the entrance. While I was admiring the place we were potentially going to call home, Barak moved over to the tree and tried to lift the thing by himself. I hurt him grunt with effort before he sighed and cursed to himself. “This thing is way too heavy for us to lift, how are we going to get in?”
“Screw lifting it, I have a better idea. Stand back.” I muttered, pulling my knife from my belt. My arm glowed with solar energy, which travelled like small streams of lava running down to the knife. The energy imbued itself into the blade and I positioned myself over the log and readied myself to strike.
“What? Are you going to cut it with that little knife?” Barak scoffed and leant against a nearby tree.
I breathed in deeply and ignored him. In the blink of an eye, I breathed out and slammed the blade of the knife into the trunk of the tree. The solar energy flowed into the tree and created a small internal explosion, bursting the centre of the trunk to explode into splinter and ash. I pushed the door open slowly, creaking loudly on its rusty hinges. I turned to Barak and gestured inside.
“Show off.” He muttered and walked inside.
Inside, the building could’ve been considered open-plan, if that could be encompassed by a few of the interior walls having fallen. Several pillars and beams were holding the place up. I walked over to one of the crumbled walls and crouched down, studying the area. I ran my hand along the ground, a layer of dust and dirt gathered upon my hand. I stood up and punched Barak’s shoulder lightly, “We are finally home brother.”
“Well, home… needs one hell of a makeover. Like I ain’t sleeping on this shitty floor, plus it kinda looks a little unstable,” he muttered.
“Oh shut it. Working on this place will be fun, plus eventually, maybe this can be a place for other Hunters like us who don’t feel like they belong. This is our haven.” I said as I walked up the stairs, “I can already see it now, a bar down there, our bunks and storage up here with those branch off rooms down there for other people who want to stay, we can expand outside too, have a fire pit. We can set up a resupply point, a bounty board, a community!”
“Someone is feeling ambitious, do you think all that is possible?” he took his helmet off and looked at me,
“I do indeed. Let’s get to work.”

Link to Chapter 1:
Link to Chapter 2:
Link to Chapter 3:
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2021.09.20 15:56 justadair After weeks of cool, calculated manipulation, my gf finally consented to get implants.

Now, I will ALWAYS know where she is.
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2021.09.20 15:56 eywutup Be careful of buying the "dip"

Look at the price your altcoins were last time BTC was at this price. In May SOL was at 20$ and in August it was 60$. If you think the coin can't get to that point again, you don't know crypto.
As hard as your coin can pump, it can dump even harder. While I think this CHYNA FUD is an excuse for whales to shake out paper hands, a lot of institutional investors may need capital to liquidate positions and take it from crypto.
While it is impossible to time the bottom, and if you are a long term investor you don't really care if Algo is at 2$ or 1$. Just don't think you are potentially buying anywhere close to the bottom, as I saw when I thought I was hot shit buying Polygon at 1.5$ in July and the next week it was 80 cents. I was able to buy some both times because I didn't pick a random time to yolo all my funds.
Polygon's high since BTCs climb was 1.75$, and it was one of the big pumping coins before the crash in May. Keep that in mind when thinking now is a good time to buy other alts that have also reached ATHs or near ATHs, it may not reach that point again for a long time.
Another example is AMP which pumped to ATH while everything else was crashing. Now it's been hovering around -50-60% from that point, still up agood chunk if you bought in before it's pump but any people that FOMOd and bought amp when it was "dipping" are still looking red.
If any of you have FOMO because you missed out on ATOM\SOL\ALGO\LUNA. Go look at the prices of all those coins last time BTC was at this price. It can 100% go back down to those prices AND not recover for a while, despite any good news for the coin, so be careful.
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2021.09.20 15:56 CodenamePhantom598 Man tries to claim random girl on reddit is his girlfriend, gets exposed by the same girl

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2021.09.20 15:55 unknown3538 Fuck pears

That’s all have a nice day
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2021.09.20 15:55 WrestleTownAA [Brock Anderson] There’s no doubt his genes are responsible for me looking forever 42, as well as probably never knowing what it’s like to have abs. However, he’s been in my corner since day 1, rain or shine, & that makes all the rest of that B.S. totally worth it. Happy Birthday Pops.@TheArnShow

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2021.09.20 15:55 Alicemarie23 I finally left my husband

I caught my husband cheating on me with an old friend. He’s been chatting with his old friend for awhile and every time I mentioned it bothered me he made it seem like I don’t let him have any girl that are friends. I kinda brushed it off because it made me feel like maybe I didn’t let him talk to his friend due to my insecurities but nope I was right! They have been having a 1 month affair ! His excuse is that it’s pure sexual it’s not actually cheating that they were going to stop after I was ready to have sex with him again since we haven’t had sex for 2months. The whole reason why we haven’t had sex is because I just gave birth to our daughter in July ! I’ve been feeling like shit and this whole weekend I had to take the small amount of savings I had to rent a studio for me and my daughter since I wouldn’t be able to afford the apartment we were living since he was a breadwinner now I get to sleep on the floor because I can’t even afford an air mattress meanwhile he’s probably fucking his friend in our bed ! I feel so hopeless I’m going to look for therapy options today because I definitely need it and my mom has offered to come help me with the baby next week but the thing that pisses me off is that he made it seem like I was crazy and just insecure
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2021.09.20 15:55 vanstaples45 Why no boats?

I downloaded the new update on my android. The culture has discovered docks, and I haven't seen a single boats? It's been like 300 years since they discovered docks? Help.
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2021.09.20 15:55 LCthrows [Casual] Another Order of Color Survey, Group C, Round 2 (Everyone)

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2021.09.20 15:55 frevelmann Setting up a database on Apple Silicon

Hey guys,

I want to setup a database on my MacBook with the M1 chip, however I ran into some problems.
I installed docker and PostgreSQL, then I wanted to start implementing code I can fetch & write data into the db. However in almost every tutorial I have to install "psycopg2". this is where the problems with the silicon chip start, so I wanted to ask if there is another method to write to a Postgres DB, or if you can recommend another db system for apple silicon laptops.
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2021.09.20 15:55 InspectorXyto Ich arbeite gerade an einem Half Life: Alyx Österreich Mod. Wenn es gut ankommt, werde ich mich um einen Release auf Steam bemühen.

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2021.09.20 15:55 MarnixUwU School laptop: Asus Vivobook 14 M413IA-HM899T vs HP Pavilion 14-ec0555nd

I have been in need of a new laptop recently, and I landed on these 2 as my options.
I just need a laptop that'll do basic things like school work (think SPSS statistics, if that helps) and that's light enough to carry around. I would like to do some light gaming, just Minecraft really, possibly Stardew Valley.
They're both essentially evenly matched except in a few areas.

My question is, is the Ryzen 5500U that much better than the 4500U to justify spending €50 more, having a dimmer screen and a silver keyboard?
Other recommendations below €700 are totally welcome, but if I don't like the design I will probably shoot it down immediately.
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2021.09.20 15:55 Rafaelkai South Korea

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2021.09.20 15:55 Count_On_Me_Bro 25M Looking for open-minded long-term online buddies to talk, vent, gossip, chat and spend some quality time together.

Hey, I'm a 25-year-old guy who loves to getting acquainted with a new person. I'm not into small talks and loves to have long conversations where people can actually get to know each other. I'm more than capable of having a decent conversation. I'm a huge fan of voice calls or voice notes. Because I believe that hearing one's voice is essential for developing deep connections. I understand that some people do not like the idea of calling a stranger, right after few talks. So I'm fine with chatting too.
And I'm also looking for a long-term friendship so if we get along with each other, I'll stick around. Besides, I'm a good listener and nonjudgemental person. Additionally, I love to watch documentaries about space and natural sciences. I regularly follow celebrities, models, their bold outfits (For some reason I always seem to like what Bella Hadid wears) and bold cosplay, etc. If you are into these we could discuss which of their outfits would potentially suit you the most.
Additionally, I do like to research anything interesting. I'm also into movies, TV shows, and music. I do play games often. Professionally, I am also a research assistant so if you are into these boring stuff, I am the right guy for you haha. Do you think we might click?
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