Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

2021.09.20 15:36 Advanced-Reveal-1695 Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

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2021.09.20 15:36 Kind_human22 I/O

Ahojte. Dostal som ban na jeden týždeň na pôvodné konto a preto píšem z iného. Vyjadril som sa úprimne ku jednému NFT tokenu, že je aký je, bez použitia hanlivých alebo nepovolených slov. Mal som silnú potrebu a myslím, že každý pozitivne zmýšľajúci človek a aj psychicky úplne normálny by urobil to isté. Niekomu to vadilo lebo je to business, navzdory nezmyselnosti mnohých diel. Nevadí. Za dnešok len rada a pre niekoho pripomenutie. Nevytvárajte si názor na človeka len z počutia alebo na základe informácie, ktorá nemá úplný informačný charakter a nesie má len parciálnu hodnotu. Preto si vytvorte názor na človeka z priameho kontaktu, konania a po dlhodobejšej či už sociálnej alebo inej interakcii s danou osobou. Ak by ste to neurobili vznikne informačný šum a nastáva šírenie dezinformácie. Preto ako sa píše v title tohto príspevku I/O, INPUTS a teda vstupy sú najdôležitejšie, aby OUTPUTS teda výstupy boli pravdivé. Viete ako sa hovorí: "Garbage in, garbage out" a teda buďte rozumní a overte si informácie.
Pekný zbytok dňa prajem. ;)
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2021.09.20 15:36 OroJuice A cool DC/Marvel reference during NMH3's climactic boss battle.

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2021.09.20 15:36 kamikirite AC4 allied assault record: AA cruiser Excalibur

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2021.09.20 15:36 moeykrimz (Spoilers Main) Ned and Theon

Had Ned been alive when Balon rebelled again, would he have killed Theon? Ned makes a point of not killing children but whats the point of Theon as a hostage then? And yeah now he's ~17 but if Balon rebelled years ago he would be a child
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2021.09.20 15:36 Sexhmm31 Sabina Hidalgo

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2021.09.20 15:36 Outside-Smell-659 Heavy Energy

Woke up today and felt that the energy is really heavy today. Is anyone else feeling this? Just wanna make sure I’m not the only one.
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2021.09.20 15:36 clip_mirror_bot xQc uses local EMS during boost that also broke the NoPixel rule of 4 (the 5th man got arrested by Draider)

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2021.09.20 15:36 FireKurama What are some life tips that you wish more people would know about?

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2021.09.20 15:36 Ja_Baby Hulk Hulk Hulk

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2021.09.20 15:36 No_Seaworthiness9822 Rig is not profitable but is mining

On my iphone my rig is running and showing an active algorithm but I have zero unpaid balance and zero profitability. I also see my gpu temps going up and down if I turn the mining off. But when I restart the rig I see no profitability still.
Is this happening to anyone else? Most times my iPhone app updates after a few sec of turning rig back on.
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2021.09.20 15:36 TheRealSpill Can’t wait for Elden Ring challenge run

Rune level 1, no jumping, no rolling, no dodging, no horseback, no weapon skills
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2021.09.20 15:36 SkullWasTaken it's_just_a_joke_mods.exe

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2021.09.20 15:36 pinkishlight Really loved the S1-S3 transformation of Otis from awkward to confident and mature!

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2021.09.20 15:36 Hot_Statistician9467 surely he cant be a bot

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2021.09.20 15:36 trashedaccount9182 1.16 Update question

So I see everyone asking about the next update, and tbh i just bought minecraft to play this mod, so what happens when the game/mod updates? Do we lose all progress? Do i lose my world? What do I lose/keep?
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2021.09.20 15:36 NewsElfForEnterprise BRIEF-Twitter Inc Announces Proposed Settlement Of Consolidated Class Action Lawsuit

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2021.09.20 15:36 Ferseus .

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2021.09.20 15:36 Litkid_05 ASUS ROG Strix G513 R9 Gaming Laptop, 15.6" FHD, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Eclipse Gray, Windows 10 Home, G513QM-WS96- for $1299

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2021.09.20 15:36 MikeSwanson99 Gold Girl Digital Art

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2021.09.20 15:36 biswajoy Follow me for more inspirational quotes

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2021.09.20 15:36 Mekayv Fyre Festival, Bitconnect, and Safemoon.. you better brace yourselves, player 4 has entered the game: CRYPTO ISLAND!

Fyre Festival, Bitconnect, and Safemoon.. you better brace yourselves, player 4 has entered the game: CRYPTO ISLAND! Amidst the Evergrande crisis I decided to bring you a little entertainment by introducing you guys to the newest x1000 token (insert YT moonboi thumbnail).
If you don't know what Fyre Festival was, please look it up to see how it fits into the narrative, the resemblance is uncanny!
With that being said, let me introduce you to the ultimate deliriousness, Crypto Island! Your own piece of private island! Well, not really yours, you kinda co-own it.
Who doesn't dream of waking up in paradise everyday with hot unemployed influencer girls as neighbours in bikini all day? Well, that can now be a reality with Crypto Island! Let's take a deep dive into the project.
Like most BSCams projects, Crypto Island is "community-driven":
CISLA (Crypto Island Token) is set to break the boundaries between practicing decentralizing in the digital space, and adoption in the physical realm of everyday life. But we’re one-upping this by doing it all on a private island. By owning CISLA, you earn your place as a co-builder of the community, and very importantly, a co-owner of Crypto Island itself.
And of course has those "diamond hands" fees:
Crypto Island is essentially real-estate that will be built upon the like of its people: YOU. With our no-nonsense tokenomics, investing means you’ve contributed to the livelihood. The 10% fee ensures a sustainable liquidity pool, and a reasonable cost of living in the island for its whole population.
Here is the team of promoters that are experts on the field:

These are some goals on their roadmap, but I'd like to point out that in their FAQs they say they have been audited, but Phase 1 (Publish CertiK audit report) is still unchecked, interesting...

They using the good ole psychological techniques like, "we are family" and all that bullshit. But a picture speaks more than a thousand words, and even more when the picture has words in it
Did they \"hire\" him from the Bahamas to fit the island narrative? Duh.
They got a highly experienced attorney in Bahamas guys, it's a done deal. Also LMAO at those hashtags.
At this point you're probably wondering... but WHERE is this island? Well, nowhere to be found, literally, I could not find ANYTHING about the island location.
But don't let this post influence your good judgement, judge for yourself here:
The videos of happy sexy and handsome people having fun on an expensive boat in paradise is 100% Fyre Festival 2.0.
But I'm sure the SEC is too busy handling other important matters like people freeing themselves from debt and wage slavery, god forbid that scenario...
Anyway, I'm off to buy more CISLA, see you in paradise, losers!
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2021.09.20 15:36 Thatoneno Does this annoy you too?

Do you find this annoying? People bragging and posting a lot about private mods we will never get. Especially really good looking ones.
View Poll
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2021.09.20 15:36 SummerMoon1398 Healing hurts

Healing hurts. It’s supposed to hurt. There will be times that the pain might feel unbearable. The process might even feel uncomfortable at first. But no pain is unending. In time, the wound will stop bleeding. Whatever is left open will be covered. Whatever is damaged will be replaced and restored back to a better condition. It will regain back its strength. After the pain, you’ll come out stronger, scarred but healed. You just have to endure it while it last.
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2021.09.20 15:36 Speedmaster16 Who is the weakest on a is fight

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