S8 can't be remade, but...

2021.09.20 16:46 theyusedthelamppost S8 can't be remade, but...

Remaking S8 is not viable, so here's my replacement idea:
A sequel to the movie Reign of Fire(2002) that uses the formula of Galaxy Quest(1999) in which actors from GoT have to fight deal with real dragons who pop up in the current world. They would be parodying their GoT characters the same that the cast of Galaxy Quest did with their tv characters.
This would be an opportunity to provide a cathartic experience for how GoT ended. The characters would be able to reference their experience as actors. The story could hit on the beats of the cultural impact of the show and its ending.
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2021.09.20 16:46 cannainform2 A look back on what happened in R/cc this week

I'm always amazed at how fast things move here on cc so I thought I'd track, for one week, all of the major content that came out. I didn't use any specific metrics besides highly upvoted posts, however, if they were comedy posts I most likely didn't include them. Overall it was a surprisingly dull week.
Sunday (Sept 12):

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2021.09.20 16:46 Diamondogs11 Meesa going to die!

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2021.09.20 16:46 ghostl1mb87 Eddie Dombrowski custom figure

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2021.09.20 16:46 boanerg- Odin market bugged

Is Odin's market bugged or is it just mine? I see no item in it... Is it normal?
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2021.09.20 16:46 Everett67_ [WTB] Surefire M600DF or M600U Tan [VA]

Just need the light, no mounts or tail caps
$250 for DF?
$180 for U?
Also interested in pressure pads, but not necessary.
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2021.09.20 16:46 rode111 Question if I have two melee weapons can I only use one of them or both?

Question if I have two melee weapons can I only use one of them or both?
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2021.09.20 16:46 Courtneyamber93 Real or fake signed Lover?

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2021.09.20 16:46 aresef 'Everyone loves Brooks': How Brooks Robinson's kindness impacted new Oriole Brooks Kriske

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2021.09.20 16:46 Domm4578 How to end 3 year relationship

Hey , its a long ass story but im having a hard time right now. Ive been with my current girlfriend for 3 years now that i never intended to be with it just somehow happend, i tried many times breaking up with her which resulted in her freaking out as if crying her eyes off and me being me and not wanting to hurt anyones feelings i guess i decided to be with her still ,the reason why its so hard to break up with her is because she legit didnt do anything wrong and the reason i wanna break up with her is because im not over my ex that i fell in love with like 6 years ago which isnt fair on my current girlfriend. Im not saying that i think that me and my ex will eventually get back together its just i dont wanna be with her and think about my ex everyday… i legit had a dream about her today which happens often and everytime that happens i just feel like shit cause i should be dreaming about my gf not my ex… She takes good care of me shes overall a really good person but i dont think im the right person for her, i wish she could understand me more and let me go my way but since im the type of guy that cares about how others feel more than i actually do about my own feelings i really dont know what to do.. i dont wanna lie to her over and over that i wanna be with for the rest of my life because its not right for her , im just scared of her reaction i dont wanna cause her to become even more depressed because she really has a lot of feelings towards me but the feeling isnt really that mutual. Give me some advice please , i really dont wanna be in a relationship when im still not over my ex but i dont wanna hurt anyones feelings.. i just wanna be happy.
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2021.09.20 16:46 Lord_Orion_Star What is your favorite band?

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2021.09.20 16:46 AliEvans "How am I supposed to like myself if all these shitty things keep happening because I do them???” ~ Allie Brosh

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2021.09.20 16:46 WagerTalk Korean KBO Baseball Picks | Hanwha Eagles vs LG Twins Betting Preview | Sept. 21-22

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2021.09.20 16:46 HemEvimHemEvim 3. Üniteye kadar evde kendim matematiği halletdm simdi ayin yaparak ders kitabını bitirmeye calısıom bitsin elder scrolls oynicam

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2021.09.20 16:46 PrettyLittlePuppet28 Team Perland

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2021.09.20 16:46 SizeEnthusiast THICC 😝

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2021.09.20 16:46 dominator_05_ Motor issue

So I upgraded my gun (vfc mp5) a few months ago and the motor i installed makes a noticeable little “bump” every shot, is this an issue? If so is it fear related, motor height, etc. The upgrades were shs 12:1 gears, shs blue piston, asg 28k motor and an shs tappet plate.
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2021.09.20 16:46 AliEvans "Protect yourself from your own thoughts" (Rumi)

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2021.09.20 16:46 hexisaname Interesting

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2021.09.20 16:46 PBRforREALmen Cool serial number with a star note.

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2021.09.20 16:46 TheFlyingRavenBird Update to asking "Is this normal?"

So about ten days ago I posted about the side effects of my Adderal XR and how it basically made me feel like I'd injected caffeine into my veins. My mental state and functioning degraded after I posted, causing me to feel even worse.
For my own safety (I had the urge to stim in ways that would harm me) and mental health, I've switched to only taking half the dosage. My mom opens the capsule, mixes the medicine up, and I take half of it with applesauce.
This has worked pretty well. My only problem is my heart acting up (I have a leaky heart valve and it tends to start fluttering when my heart speeds up, which can happen with stimulants.)
When I go to the doctor's again, I'm going to ask him to lower my dose. (If he's there, which he often isn't.) 30mg is just way too much.
Thank you for all of your supportive and helpful comments!
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2021.09.20 16:46 Equivalent-Extent402 Sueño extraño

Soñé que vivía en la universidad y adoptaba un bebe con ciclopía (defecto congénito incompatible con la vida) pero el bebe aun vivía y decidí cuidarlo pero tenía que ser a escondidas de mi supervisor, quien es actualmente mi ex coordinador. Estabamos en tiempo de pandemia entonces aun teníamos que refugiarnos, explicar el por que de tus salidas y siempre con cubrebocas. A.. y nunca había día, siempre era de noche
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2021.09.20 16:46 SnooCookies7311 New chapter today?

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2021.09.20 16:46 Certain_Suit_1905 Thom always was ahead of his time, especially with tracks such as Crepe

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2021.09.20 16:46 AliEvans Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders—in that order. ― Simon Sinek

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