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What is something that is worse when you have more than 1 of?

2021.09.20 15:46 poor-kid_man What is something that is worse when you have more than 1 of?

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2021.09.20 15:46 Auxfrontieres "C'est le pouvoir de créer la monnaie qui donne à cette "élite" néfaste tout le pouvoir sur les peuples" L'horrible Nouvel Ordre de la finance

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2021.09.20 15:46 call-me-3 Ateist - Türkist - Militarist Türk sembolü.

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2021.09.20 15:46 Many_Scratch2269 Crypto isn't the only thing dipping today. The entire market is taking a dip. Crypto is just following general market trends.

There have been a lot going on today with the Evergrande drama. The stocks have dipped as much as they had in February, the housing markets are also shaky. The entire global economy is fearing something big. Crypto is not the only asset that's dipping today.
People need to realise that Crypto has no hand in the general world economy. If shit hits the fan, and the entire market crashes, so will Crypto. One thing is for sure, if the market does crash, Crypto will recover faster than others. We are still early in Crypto, in general finance it is still treated as a speculative asset rather than a currency.
It is completely normal that we see a few rough weeks, months or even years if the market reaches that point. Nobody blames gold when the price of gold reacts according to the world economy. You should also not blame Crypto when it does the same.
The best thing you can do now is hold patience. We have seen way worse days just a couple months ago. I've held through -52% and -30%. This is nothing special for Crypto. If you are a newbie, the best you can do now is DCA. Remember: Time in the market is always better than timing in the market. Especially so if you are investing in something as volatile as Crypto.
TLDR: Crypto is just following general market trends. Crypto isn't the only one dipping today, the entire market is, and you can't blame Crypto for that.
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2021.09.20 15:46 poopoostinkyhah A Critique Of How Schools Teach Students Pattern recognition

I was having a read about a week ago into a book/article made by Sarah Sidis (Book of methods),
She talks about how schools are bad because instead of teaching students how to logically analyse things and refer to the internal structure of how things work (e.g she says rather then get children to learn spelling by repeating R-A-T-S that we teach students how to spell by the structure of spelling otherwise known as morphology).
I was talking to a friend that is doing Edu-Pysch and he suggested that he is curious about the premise but he thinks its far outdated.
My Actual Questions Are

Side Note :
(You don't really need to answer this but I'm still curious.)
In the short text she also mentions how she would prefer if kids start learning at a younger age skipping ahead of the syllabus aswell as having as she says a more absorbant brain, meaning it takes less time for them to learn more knowledge
Fun Fact: Mother and Educator of William (Billy) J. Sidis, A man rumored and estimated to have the highest IQ in human history (Although large partly inflated by the media and his parents, he still was a genius and a prodigy).
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2021.09.20 15:46 Ok-Writer6322 Work Stress is Fueling Grief

Work is absolutely crushing my mental health the last couple months… and it’s tiring up a lot of the grief I have missing my Dad. He passed away in October of 2018 so going on 3 years.
I find myself wanting to talk to him so bad these days like I always do when I’m very stressed. I just miss him so much. He was always my rock growing up and losing him at the age of 24 was very difficult. I thought I’d have so much more time with him.
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2021.09.20 15:46 MisterGlorious Which video has the BLEND-S opening meme with it concluding with Lannan saying “sucka my dick.”?

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2021.09.20 15:46 rad_baron Why are people like this? This all happened in the span of ten minutes, mind you.

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2021.09.20 15:46 ImaCompletCyclePath That is phenomenal,

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2021.09.20 15:46 Dj_Pio Cine este Șarpele de la „Masked Singer România” sezonul 2: „Sunt sexy și charismatic” - Stiri Online Din Romania - info-24.ro

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2021.09.20 15:46 Ninjarro Bungie, please poll future updates with the community before releasing them

Not sure if people follow other games but Jagex of Oldschool RuneScape do an amazing job of polling future updates to see if it is something the community wants.
Bungie, the community is the most important part of the game.
Please look into polling updates for us.
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2021.09.20 15:46 OrderoftheHidden Weekly Challenges Thread every Monday! Tell us your Biggest Challenge this week or goals!

Feel free to leave a comment because I will reply to every single one of them. Simple tell us your goals or biggest challenge this week!
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2021.09.20 15:46 NEJISIMP777 Self-promotion Thread

Use this thread to promote yourself and/or your work!
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2021.09.20 15:46 grapeape1963 Hodling

Well it's dropped down to my break even point. I'm not here to break even, I'm here to get paid. I hodl
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2021.09.20 15:46 betterlife37 One week completed!!

I completed a week as of today. This streak is a lot better than all my previous streaks because this time I made sure to be productive. I've struggled with few urges everyday but nothing really major. I've completed 80% of the goals I set for today. I feel much happier, definitely less guilt, I can talk much smooth and make an eye contact (not as much as I want to but much better than before). I have a list of goals that I'm working towards. I'm learning new Java language, reading books and working out a bit everyday (waiting for gyms to open after lockdown). I haven't meditated yet but I'll start with the meditation soon. Overall I feel really good and I'll continue with the same lifestyle and make it even better. I still struggle with self-discipline but I'll do a bit better everyday. Today was great but tomorrow will be even better :)
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2021.09.20 15:46 hello4990 BRO

You ever like a girl????
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2021.09.20 15:46 comicreliefboy Hello to Tristes Tropes - Just how bleak is the academic job market for anthropologists? Job ads over the past twenty years reveal some surprises and point to ways departments are seeking to change themselves and the discipline

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2021.09.20 15:46 Nabiboulin What was this guys construction level at jagex?

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2021.09.20 15:46 Rithav95 GREAT LVL 48 PTC ACCOUNT /5 HUNDO LEGENDS /45 PVP POKEMONS /2.1M DUST ~ 350$

👉2020 ACCOUNT(07/24/2020)
👉SHINY 310
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Accepting payments in paypal friends and family /wise/ crypto(btc or eth or usdt)
For more details contact me here or in my discord Rithav#3066
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2021.09.20 15:46 Kamrn_ Stop waiting. Fidelity had me on hold for 3 minutes and the call was still only 9m45s long. Share by share boys

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2021.09.20 15:46 InvestorCowboy [DD] Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM)

Some of you may know us from our educational and due diligence posts at DoctorStock. We've been covering TSM for weeks now, these are our compiled findings. Make sure to read the Government Intervention section. This is critical to understanding the semiconductor market as a whole.
The recent chip shortage has shown that the U.S can't keep up with semiconductor demand. Joe Biden has laid out a $50B subsidy plan for research and development in the semiconductor industry. In the CEO Summit on Semiconductor Supply Chain Resilience, Biden stated that this was a “once in a generation” investment for the future. Semiconductor chips are as essential to our everyday lives as water.
​​Government Intervention Timeline
March 31, 2021 [Source](https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/03/31/fact-sheet-the-american-jobs-plan/)

April 12, 2021 [Source 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWAa10ljxLA) [Source 2]([Source](https://www.ttnews.com/articles/biden-reassures-chip-summit-bipartisan-support-new-funds)
TL;DR- The semiconductor chip shortage has emphasized securing U.S global chip supply. The White House has laid out a $50B subsidy plan to help boost research and development in the semiconductor industry. The White House met with top CEOs from around the globe who seek a piece of the pie.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM)
May 2, 2021 [Source](https://venturebeat.com/2021/05/02/intel-will-invest-3-5-billion-in-new-mexico-chip-factory/)
May 31, 2021 [Source](https://fortune.com/2021/05/31/amd-tesla-contract-chips-infotainment-system-lisa-su/)
August 19, 2021 [Source](https://www.reuters.com/business/intel-details-mixed-source-chip-strategy-tsmc-partnerships-2021-08-19/)
September 16, 2021
Financial/Balance Sheet Highlights
Market Cap (MKT Cap)
*Mkt Cap has increased 173.9% in five years
EPS (Dilution)
*EPS has increased 72.8% in five years
Financial Statement Highlights
Total Revenue (TR)
*TR has increased 58.7% in five years
Price to Sales Ratio (PS)
*PS has increased 537.04% in five years
Net Margin
*Net Margin has increased 6.7% in five years
Price to Earnings Ratio (PE)
*PE has increased 102.7% in five years
Price to Book Ratio (PB)
*PB has increased 147.4% in five years
Balance Sheet Highlights
Total Liabilities
*Total liabilities has increased 134.4% in five years
Long Term Debt
*Long term debt has increased 403.6% in five years
Debt to Equity Ratio (DE)
*DE ratio has increased 266.7% in five years
Intel Major News Timeline
March 9, 2021 [Source](https://itpeernetwork.intel.com/ibm-hybrid-cloud/)
March 23, 2021 [Source](https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/intel-doubles-down-chip-manufacturing-plans-20-billion-new-arizona-sites-2021-03-23/)
April 12, 2021
May 2, 2021 [Source]*(*https://venturebeat.com/2021/05/02/intel-will-invest-3-5-billion-in-new-mexico-chip-factory/)
June 22, 2021 [Source](https://www.reuters.com/technology/sifive-aims-challenge-arm-with-new-tech-pairs-with-intel-effort-2021-06-22/)
July 28, 2021 [Source]*(*https://finance.yahoo.com/news/intel-ceo-we-have-100-companies-that-want-us-to-make-their-chips-120023723.html)
February 10, 2021 [Source]https://www.anandtech.com/show/16483/samsung-in-the-usa-a-17-billion-usd-fab-by-late-2023)
May 13, 2021 [Source](https://www.theverge.com/22597713/intel-7nm-delay-summer-2020-apple-arm-switch-roadmap-gelsinger-ceo)
Bullish Case
Bearish Case
Stock Price History
Semiconductor Industry Threat
​​4 ways to reduce water consumption in semiconductor manufacturing:
Technical Analysis
Looking at the 6-month chart for TSM, strong resistance and support lines indicate a resistance around the $125 mark and solid support around the $108 mark. A buying opportunity may come up if we see TSM dip down near its support range. Bullish breakthrough at $125 and bearish breakthrough at $108.
The biggest issue the semiconductor industry faces today is heating. Semiconductor fabs use the water equivalent of 12 golf courses. The solution to this problem is dry etching which uses gaseous chemicals to make patterns on substrates. Large fabricators have their own methods for reusing water but to be frank, are only scratching the surface. TSM’s Green Marketing Strategy does little to address the issue at hand. The semiconductor industry is expected to grow by 25% with water consumption expecting to increase by 15%. Aside from this issue, TSM has a comparative advantage over its rival Intel. TSM has a significantly higher market cap, lower total debt, and fewer liabilities. TSM doesn’t pay out dividends but instead uses the money to grow its business. Intel has mediocre dividends at best. TSM will be a trillion-dollar company in the next 5-10 years. Biden’s $50B subsidy plan will revamp production and should hopefully put the U.S in contention for the global semiconductor producer leader. TSMs new $100B fabs in Arizona will be a catalyst for domestic semiconductor production with growing support from U.S subsidies. TSM has a positive outlook for the next 3-4 years.
\*This is not investment advice. We are not experts. Do your research.***
Collaborative DD with u/Flipper-Man and u/Pretend-Astronomer99
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2021.09.20 15:46 AllHisFault21 What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in life so far?

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2021.09.20 15:46 Muffin00 Burnt Cheesecake From the Basque Country in Spain

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2021.09.20 15:46 jussanuddername Roberta Smith, South Side community leader passes at age 86

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2021.09.20 15:46 SenpaiIsPissed Hime's New Approach. [Translated] (@kawayabug)

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