Travel from heathrow to nottingham

2021.09.20 16:06 shotgunninja101 Travel from heathrow to nottingham

I need to book a taxi service from Heathrow to Nottingham. Does anyone know any companies that would offer a good service for a reasonable price (for context uber does it for £220)
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2021.09.20 16:06 RedFoxBlackCat I did the thing

I finally bought some thigh high socks. I genuinely thought they wouldn't come up very far, maybe just over the knee, but they actually go halfway up my thighs. So very happy.
But now I'm faced with a conundrum: what the hell do I wear them with? I don't wear skirts, and my white short-shorts look kinda strange with them. Should I go for jorts? What else can I do? I don't present very fem when going out, but I feel like this is too good a chance to waste.
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2021.09.20 16:06 BinaryOptionAlliance 👻 GhostBUSDer 👻 |Amazing Giveaway | Get lucky and rich with us | Busd rewards by Holding GhostBusder 💰 💰

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2021.09.20 16:06 SaberOfTheAbyss WIP of a Plague Doctor-inspired character

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2021.09.20 16:06 TrendingB0T /r/bodegacats hit 20k subscribers yesterday

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2021.09.20 16:06 DirtyCrimeBoi01 Price check for a Level 100 Golduck???

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2021.09.20 16:06 shrineofshit I work here but use Walmart pickup.

Anybody in ogp mind telling me why when I pick an item that is say like 6 dollars why is it changing to around close to 13 when I add it to my cart?
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2021.09.20 16:06 Brilliant_Jump_960 Czy nie mają innych sposobów na spędzanie czasu?

Polsky tv app, radio, gazety i czasopisma.
I jeszcze jedna rewelacja: w Polsce uwielbiają czytać.
Do tego stopnia, że w księgarniach można spotkać ludzi z grubymi torbami.
Czy oni nie mają tam innych interesów?
Tylko czytanie?
Polskie księgarnie oferują książki na każdy gust: beletrystykę, powieści historyczne, wspomnienia i książki o polityce.
Istnieją również tak zwane "książki dla bystrzaków", które ogólnie można zaliczyć do literatury pięknej.
Telewizja Polska, w ramach projektu "Telewizja Bałtycka", uruchomiła specjalny kanał TV Polonia, który nadaje w Europie i na Bliskim Wschodzie.
Kanał poświęcony jest historii, kulturze i życiu Polaków poza ich historyczną ojczyzną i przeznaczony jest dla obcokrajowców chcących poznać nasz kraj.
Telewizja Polska, znana od 1989 roku pod nazwą PTV, jest centralną telewizją państwową PRL.
Nadawanie programów rozpoczęło się w 1954 roku, kiedy powstał serwis informacyjny Polskiej Telewizji Centralnej.
W 1991 roku zakupiono nowoczesny sprzęt i rozpoczęto produkcję własnego programu informacyjnego.
PTV jest jedną z niewielu, która miała przywilej nadawania nieprzerwanie od początku swego istnienia.
PTV jest państwową spółką telewizyjną w Polsce.
Jest to publiczna telewizja i radio, wchodząca w skład Ministerstwa Kultury i Środków Przekazu.
Jej pełna nazwa brzmi: Telewizja Polska TVP Polska.
Oglądaj online Telewizja Polska (polskie kanały), archiwum ostatnich wiadomości: filmy, harmonogram TV, transmisje na żywo i tematy polskich kanałów online.
Ramówka telewizyjna dla Telewizji Polskiej w Polsce.
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2021.09.20 16:06 RosscoMurph [Canon QL17, Fuji 400h], Paris Aeroport

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2021.09.20 16:06 desmond1310 A fan from Malaysia..

NF's the best thing i've heard so far from his rap genre! I can't say I've a favorite song/album. I made a Spotify playlist and chucked everything in - best 4 hours of his music while working from home. Cheers people. Take care and stay safe!
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2021.09.20 16:06 TrendingBot /r/finance enters TOP 5000 subreddits

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2021.09.20 16:06 Tayray020115 What is it called when a disabled person is having sex?

Getting handiclapped.
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2021.09.20 16:06 dvamg DS3 PvE caster oriented build for an "easy time"?

Preface from my previous DS PvE builds:
DS1: NG glass cannon INT Sorc + HeateEagle shield + INT weapons. NG+ INT/STR "Dark" Sorc + Artorias GShield + Wisdom Staff/Manus Catalyst (+optional heavy armor for max swaggotry). It doesn't get easier than this.
DS2 : NG 30/30 INT/FTH Hexer + Fire Longsword/Silverblack Spear + Drangleic Shield/Tower GShield. NG+ STR "Hexblade" + Crypt UGS + Ice Rapier (+ Winblades lol) + Havel's GShield (+poise armor on demand). Versatility unmatched.

Reading for DS3 I've figured out the following:
- Sorcerers are either buff only melees, the "invisible cheese" builds but that can be anyone with enough stats for 2-3 spells and a ring, and the one-hit-you-died glass cannons that are hard to build for a NG noob that doesn't know exactly what they are doing, especially before mid game?
- Miracles, I dunno, didn't research much, seems to be all over the place?
- Dark magic/hex builds seem to be "meh, somewhere in between" of all the spell schools?
- That leaves out Pyromancies, which people praise all over the place.
Since I went thru all "git gud, dodge parry roll, u scrub", I started making these easy going builds. Which usually end up making them heavy hitting casters with the safety of a shield and a you-fuck-off weapons.
Would a Pyro fit this description? A fire spewing knight with no honor nor valor and high cheese personality?
AKA, keep upgrading Pyro Glove, focus on making another STR sword'n'board melee, and put something like 20/20 or whatever to make the Pyro aspect even more brutal?
Or ditch the idea and try a Sorcerer?
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2021.09.20 16:06 tvanorsouw Zijn er echt zoveel mensen tegen de coronapas?

Hi allemaal,
Wat ik me sterk afvraag is of er echt daadwerkelijk zo veel mensen tegen de coronapas voor toegang zijn? De vaccinatiebereidheid in Nederland is namelijk erg hoog (91% volgens de site van het RIVM) en ik kan me voorstellen dat een groot gedeelte van deze groep niet tot nauwelijks moeite heeft met deze regel. Echter hoor en zie je in talkshows, op sociale media, op straat, in de krant et cetera vrijwel niks anders meer staan, het gaat alleen maar over de coronapas voor toegang en hoe belachelijk dat wel niet is.
Ik ben het er mee eens dat het niet kan dat ze in Den Haag eerst zeggen dat ze zoiets nooit zullen gaan doen en het vervolgens toch doen maar goed what's new. Daarnaast kun je met sociale contacten die niet gevaccineerd zijn hier ook geen gesprek over voeren omdat zij er pertinent op tegen zijn waardoor je een scheiding krijgt in de maatschappij. Ik ben gewoon gevaccineerd en heb daarom zelf niet echt heel veel moeite met de pas.
Mijn gevoel zegt dat slechts zo'n 20% van de Nederlanders hier ook daadwerkelijk moeite mee heeft en een nog kleiner gedeelte er ook over klaagt. En dat degene die er over klagen voor zo'n 80% van de berichtgeving en dergelijken zorgen.
Hoe kijken jullie hier tegenaan? Heb ik bepaalde feiten niet juist of zie ik dingen verkeerd? Dan hoor ik dit graag!
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2021.09.20 16:06 ABrokeUniStudent Streak 2: Verabscheuungswuerdige Menschen

Larry pinkelt gerne auf das Waschbecken.
Er drängelt sich gerne bei Warteschlagen vor.
Er spricht gerne laut im Kino.
Er legt gerne die Füße auf den Sitz vor sich, selbst wenn jemand darauf sitzt.
Er singt gerne in der Bibliothek.
Larry ist ein dreister Mann!
Wenn du mit Melvin sprichst, sei vorsichtig. Er wird plötzlich rot, wenn jemand Quatsch über Coldplay redet. Er schreit die Leute an, er sagt, dass The Scientist ein krasses Song ist, die Songtexte und die Melodie sing beruhigend, und der Gesang des Leadsängers, Chris Martin, ist beachtenswert. In späten Nachten dekoriert Melvin seine petrolblauen Wände mit faustgroßen Löchern, entweder wenn er in seinem League of Legends Spiel stirbt oder wenn er viel Geld beim Online-Poker verliert, halb blau, halb bekifft.
Was für eine cholerische Person!
Sabina verbringt ihre Wochenenden auf der Suche nach ihren verschwundenen Katzen, die sehr wild sind. Seine Oma berät sie ständig, die Katzen kastrieren zu lassen, aber sie hört einfach nicht zu. Sabina benutzt dasselbe Password für alle ihrer Konten. Ihr Passwort ist "ichliebeMatterhorn4478", was problematisch ist, weil sie oft ihre Liebe für diesen Berg ausdrückt, und "4478" ist die Höhe des Bergs in Metern. Ihre kluge, technikbegeisterte Schwägerin, Tess Miles, berät sie, dass sie mindestens ihr Passwort nicht auf einen honiggelb Klebezettel zu schreiben, den sie in ihrem Portemonnaie aufbewahrt. Aber sie macht es trotzdem weiter, was für eine beratungsresistente Frau!
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2021.09.20 16:06 EllaGoldman29 Been hearing a lot of conservative/Protestant conspiracy theory about ancap and trans rights groups being back doors to mainstream the transhumance movement. What do you think about that?

Been hearing a lot of conservative/Protestant conspiracy theory about ancap and trans rights groups being back doors to mainstream the transhumance movement. What do you think about that? submitted by EllaGoldman29 to Anarcho_Capitalism [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 16:06 NYCDiesel2020 (Selling) 4Ks - A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, BOSS BABY FAMILY BUSINESS, and F9 FAST SAGA (Theatrical & Director's Cut); HDs - BLACK WIDOW and ZOLA

4K Titles: $15 - A Clockwork Orange (MA)
$16 - Boss Baby: Family Business (MA)
$16 - F9: Fast Saga - 2 Cuts (MA); includes both theatrical version and director's cut

HD Titles: $10 - Black Widow (MA split)
$8 - Black Widow (GP split, ports to MA)
$12 - Zola (GP/Vudu)

US Codes.

US buyers only. Payment via PayPal family/friends or Venmo.
International buyers are welcome. However, under no circumstances will I accept a goods/services payment no matter if you're willing to cover the fees, so please don't ask.
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2021.09.20 16:06 win10helpme3 Cryonics, the psuedo-scientific act of freezing a legally dead person in the hopes that they might be revived in the future

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2021.09.20 16:06 livestreamnorge ArveOfNorway utestengt fra Twitch

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2021.09.20 16:06 heinaga1989 🔴 MiniFlokiDot - Just stealth launched | Marketcap <5k | Based dev team | Big marketing planned | Moonshot potential ✅

Following in the footsteps of FlokiDot our team aim to go higher than they did! Passively earning Dot and a starting market cap of $390 it's a perfect play to start the week. There are many X's to be had here. MiniFlokiDot is a reward token! So simply by holding you will earn a passive income of 7% Polkadot! The team is safu and trusted and they have a whole network of influencers at their disposal!
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🍬 DOT reflections: 7%
💧 LP: 4%
📰 Marketing: 5%
Marketing from launch:

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2021.09.20 16:06 Mohai Hands on UK property developer - How much can I do on my own with the right qualifications?

I've read a good few insightful posts on here but unsure if it applies to me as I don't intend on being a sparky full time.
The last year a business partner and I have got into property development (flipping / renting). This is something we do on the weekends in addition to our non related day jobs. The way we extract the best ROI and returns is doing most the work ourselves - joinery, roofing, plumbing, decorating.
Now technically I know the very basics of domestic electrics, extending a ring main, fused switch spurs etc.
However, we of course want to comply to the legal and safety standards, especially when it comes to one of the most dangerous trades! This means that whilst I know how to do some stuff, we outsource all the electrical work to a competent registered person. They register the work, provide the certification needed for landlords and everything is above board.
I know and agree with the general sentiment that not being an electricians mate and not doing a 4 year apprenticeship will leave some big day to day gaps that doing just a course will have. However, this applies to people who want to get in the trade and have that as their career.
Being hands on, I'm wondering whether there is value in doing an advanced domestic installer course (C&G 4141, 2393, 2392, 2382) and then being able to conduct future work on future properties myself. In terms of chasing walls, browning and rendering walls, lifting boards, lugging kit about, all things I'm used to having experience on a few houses.
It would cost a few grand which I believe would pay itself back in 2 houses. This isn't considering when I move to a future house myself and will want the works! (smart home + lighting capabilities etc). I know it would be another couple of grand for the dedicated kit which would mean the returns would take a bit longer.
The final thought is that as I wouldn't be doing this as a day job, I wouldn't be able to register as a competent person so will have to budget for council inspections to ensure it meets part P.
Qualifications wise I have a degree in Chemistry and my day job involves regular problem solving and critical thinking.
Is my line of thinking alright? Or is there some obvious gap I'm missing? Would love to hear your thoughts!
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2021.09.20 16:06 ghiste What can you expect after the event?

I am thinking about getting a Surface tablet and I wonder what the effect of the event will be.
Assuming Microsoft announces new or refreshed models - when will these become available?
And will the current models drop in price before they vanish?
Are there any experiences from previous years to predict the most likely scenario?
Many thanks.
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2021.09.20 16:06 WillingPlatform8988 Hood classic

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2021.09.20 16:06 NOVA_J-E-T-S Want to come back to T-Mobile within 90 days, was told I won’t get my insider discount 20% back?

Have been told conflicting info about this from t force on Twitter. I thought I’d be able to come back and get my insider discount back. If that’s not the case, will definitely affect what I do. Just can’t get a straight answer. Thanks all!
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2021.09.20 16:06 guanaco55 The Afghanistization of America -- We are doing our best to become a Third-World country of incompetency, constitutional erosion, a fractious and politicized military elite, and racially and ethnically obsessed warring tribes.

The Afghanistization of America -- We are doing our best to become a Third-World country of incompetency, constitutional erosion, a fractious and politicized military elite, and racially and ethnically obsessed warring tribes. submitted by guanaco55 to Conservative [link] [comments]